Listen To The Full ‘South Park’ Lorde Parody Song ‘Push (Feeling Good On A Wednesday)’

Lorde has recently been the subject of a good natured South Park parody, wherein the show purported to reveal the singer’s true identity, but the fun doesn’t stop there. South Park creators have today released a full version of the Lorde spoof song Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday), which reportedly features vocals from Sia.

A snippet of the track actually featured on last week’s episode, The Cissy, when it was revealed to audiences that the 17-year-old pop superstar, who made a cameo of sorts in the previous week’s episode, is actually 45-year-old male geologist, Randy Marsh. The song features the undeniably catchy hook, “Ya Ya Ya/ I am Lorde/ Ya Ya Ya/ I am Lorde.”

The real-life Lorde has responded to the parody, establishing herself as a good-sport by mimicking her own South Park persona on camera during an interview. In a previous tweet she also claimed that Australian pop hit maker Sia was involved somehow in the spoof, a claim that is backed up by your ears when listening to the track below.

Sia, true to form, is yet to confirm or deny any involvement. South Park have made the track available to download for free via Twitter. First though, take a listen below.

Listen: South Park – Lorde Song Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)

Watch: Lorde parodies Lorde parody

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