Lorde’s True Identity Revealed On ‘South Park’

New Zealand pop sensation Lorde has made another appearance on South Park, following her initial introduction to the show in last week’s episode where she made a cameo of sorts performing at a kid’s party.

In this week’s episode, The Cissy, viewers’ suspicions are confirmed that the 17-year-old New Zealand pop star is in fact Randy Marsh, a plot line that evolves following (Spoiler Alert) Cartman’s realisation that he can use the nicer girl’s bathroom if he identifies himself as transgender.

Cue Randy, who also spends time in the women’s bathroom at work – it’s just nicer guys – whereupon he realises his creative desire to be a pop singer, and begins recording songs which the record label then manipulates, packages and sells. Thus Lorde, as we know her, is born.

According to Consequence of Sound, in an impressive twist, the real-life Lorde actually contributes vocals to a sample song featured in the episode, though that is unconfirmed at this stage.

In true South Park style, Lorde does take a couple of punches throughout the episode but there are just as many references to her talent as there are spoofs. As explained during the episode, “Lorde isn’t just a singer, she’s also a very talented scientist who specialises in fluvial geomorphology.”

Perhaps this is a hint as to Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s warm feelings towards the New Zealand star? Judge for yourselves and watch the full episode below.

UPDATE 10/10/14: Lorde has responded on Twitter to her South Park appearance, noting that although she doesn’t watch the show she thinks being the subject of two episodes “is weird and cool”. She also added that from “what i can tell sia was involved” in the episode, leading to the conclusion that the voice featured in the episode is not actually New Zealand pop star Lorde, but instead is Australian pop hit maker Sia.

So that, if confirmed, would be Sia pretending to be Lorde who is actually Randy Marsh. See Lorde’s tweets below.

Watch: Randy Marsh Revealed As “Lorde” On South Park (S18E3)

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