Rosalía Unveils Soaring New Ballad ‘Dolerme’

Rosalía has shared a brand new single with us today. It’s titled ‘Dolerme’ which translates to “hurt me” in English. It’s a guitar-driven song about an on and off again love — and the aftermath.

Rosalía has shared the new single with a lyric video. The video depicts a cartoon version of herself in a blue bedroom with a pet chihuahua.

‘Dolerme’ details a failed relationship. In the chorus Rosalía sings about wanting to self destruct, with the lyrics translating to, “I don’t know why you don’t want hurting/I speed up to see if I can crash/I want you to see it/don’t think about stopping me/So it shows that you could forget.”

The pop angel shared a statement along with the single, “Many of us are in quarantine and many are giving their all outside the house. I’m in quarantine and have lost my sense of time.

“I decided that I wasn’t going to think about it too much and that instead I was going to put my energy and my heart into doing something for others, in my own way.”

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As well as that, Rosalía shared a separate Instagram post captioned, “7/3/20”. Smells like a new album.

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Listen to ‘Dolerme’ below. The last album we received from Rosalía was El Mal Querer.

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