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Listen To The Veronicas & Allday Team Up On New Single ‘Life Of The Party’

The Veronicas are on the cusp of releasing not one but two new albums, and today they’ve teamed up with old friend Allday to drop a new single, ‘Life Of The Party’.

The song opens with moody chords and Allday’s distinct, smooth and subdued rapping style before a rolling beat oozes its way through the rest of the song, with Jess and Lisa opting for a breathier delivery as opposed to their usual, powerful belting voices.

This isn’t the first time the two beloved Aussie acts have collaborated, with the duo appearing on Allday’s track ‘Restless’, which appeared on his 2019 album Starry Night Over The Phone. His new album, Drinking With My Smoking Friends, drops on Friday, 28th May.

As for The Veronicas, they’ll be dropping one new album, GODZILLA, also on Friday, 28th May. Then, just over a month later, they’ll be dropping their follow-up HUMAN on Friday, 2nd July.

In addition, they’re set to embark on a colossal nationwide tour inbetween album releases, and you can find all those details here.

Watch the video for ‘Life Of The Party’ below.

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