Listen: Unreleased Yeasayer Tracks

To mark Record Store Day on April 16, Brooklyn indie acolytes Yeasayer put out a ‘limited-edition coloured-vinyl 7-inch’ by the name of End Blood. The release offered fans two tracks that came from the sessions for their landmark 2010 LP Odd Blood, but never made it on to the final mix. Now those songs are streaming over at Pitchfork.

According to the band’s official website, the two songs, Phoenix Wind and Swallowing The Decibels, make up  “two ideas that didn’t fit on [their 2010 album] Odd Blood. They were tucked away in a drawer until today. We are releasing these two tracks to purge our brains and make way for new sounds/ideas and more importantly to support Record Store Day.”

In addition to the stream, both tracks will get a digital release on May 3. Yeasayer, officially the most blogged about band in 2010, are currently on tour in North America and will remain so until the end of June. Then, one would expect Chris, Anand and the boys to take a well-deserved chunk of time off after a year of so of pretty much constant touring and promotion in support of Odd Blood, their second LP after their equally remarkable 2007 debut, All Hour Cymbals.

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