Looks Like Another Sydney Venue Is Closing Its Doors

Sydney has lost yet another pub, with Balmain’s Town Hall Hotel reportedly sold to make way for a medical centre.

While the Town Hall Hotel has hosted fewer live music nights in recent years, it’s been part of the Sydney music scene since it was built in 1879.

The sad news was confirmed by Leichardt Mayor Darcy Byrne on Facebook, who bemoaned the trend of “cultural institutions” like the Town Hall Hotel closing, following recent closing of the Exchange Hotel which is set to be converted into a call centre.

The pub has been a staple at the heart Balmain for over 100 years, and Mayor Byrne says he’ll be doing everything in his power to keep the “cultural institution” as a pub, and in the long term plans to implement a strategy to prevent further venues from closing in the area.

“This is a dangerous trend which, if left unchecked, could see the peninsular lose its heart and soul,” said Byrne. “We can’t let our famous pub culture go out the back door.”

Sydney has lost several venues including Mr Falcon’s, The Newsagency, and Newtown Social Club in 2017 alone.

Read Mayor Byrne’s statement in full below.

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