Looks Like Evanescence Are Set For A Big Comeback

The awkward teen goth that dwells within all of us is about to lose his/her shit because Evanescence are on the official comeback trail.


Goth kween Amy Lee has been a bit preoccupied with her solo material since her dark rock collective dipped their toes back into the swimming pool of existence last year with a handful of live appearances, but now, it looks like they’re about to dive right in.

In a recent interview for BUILD Series (via Blabbermouth), Lee revealed that Evanescence (now sans founding guitarist Ben Moody) were about to bring themselves back to life.

“We have some new little plan in store, but I don’t wanna give it away yet,” she teased. “But there is some new Evanescence stuff that we’re starting at, but it’s not exactly the most traditional thing.

“It’s not just, ‘Okay, we’re gonna make a new album right now.’ Not that that’s not coming, but first there’s something else that’s a little bit special and different and [that is] gonna take you down a different path that we wanna try. So, sorry that’s so vague.”

Sounds like there are some big, mysterious plans on the horizon.

The band recently announced their first full tour since returning from their three-year hiatus. Unfortunately, it’s in the US. But look, it’s a start.

Hopefully we’ll get hit with some new tunes (and maybe their first Australian tour since 2012?) quite soon.

Catch the full interview with our immortal Amy Lee below.


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