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Looks Like Tenacious D Are About To Announce Their Return To Australia

This is the greatest and best news in the world, especially if you’re a Tenacious D fan. Because it looks very much like ‘Tribute’ hitmakers Jack Black and Kyle Gas are about to announce their first Australian tour in 11 long years.

Heavyweight Aussie tour promoters Frontier have just dropped an ~explosivo~ sized teaser on social media, pretty much confirming the comedy rock duo will be headed back down under very soon…

“The greatest and best band in the world…”

“The greatest and best band in the world…” the promoter splashed across their social media channels, alongside two Aussie flag emojis and a “mysterious side-eye” emoji. The post also came accompanied by some not-so-cryptic artwork which perfectly resembles Tenacious D’s tour poster for their forthcoming Spicy Meatball 2024 run of the UK and Europe.


We think it’s pretty safe to assume a new Australian tour is imminent from the Tenacious D camp.

If so, it would mark the duo’s first trip to our shores since 2013.

We’ll keep you posted on any more news as it develops. Til then, better start brushing up on those cock push-ups.

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