Looks Like We Could Be Getting A New Parkway Drive Album This Year

In news you can file under “things to look forward to in 2022”, it’s looking very likely that we’ll get a brand new album from Parkway Drive.

The Byron Bay metalcore titans, who by all accounts just smashed their headlining set at Ballarat’s inaugural Knight & Day festival, have confirmed their seventh studio LP, the follow-up to 2018’s Reverence, is well in the works.

Speaking with Music Feeds towards the end of last year, frontman Winston McCall confirmed that the album was written, and the band would be entering the studio right about *checks watch* now.

“By the time we start playing [Knight & Day] festival, we’ll be into the recording process,” he said.

“We’ve written the majority of it and the recording of it starts in the next couple of weeks and lasts for several months. So the next Parkway Drive record exists, conceptually, but it’s time to actually make it real and record it…”

Elaborating further to Blunt, McCall dubbed the next Parkway LP their most “honest” album to date.

“We’re working our asses off on it – but in a really relaxed way, to be honest,” he said.

“This has been the most honest album that we’ve ever written, in terms of the fact that there’s been nothing to distract us, other than the ability to write music and the want to write music…

“We just went all the way with it…” he continued. “Done what we’ve done and made sure we enjoyed ourselves. We haven’t actually recorded the album yet – that’s coming up – but what we do have is the concept and the sound. What we have demoed exists, but the gap between what we’ve been imagining and what we’re going to create in the studio is far, far greater than anything we’ve done before.”

So there you have it. Get ready for the next era of Parkway Drive, because it won’t be too far off.

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