Loon Lake Take Debut Album ‘Gloamer’ To The Streets

Melbourne indie-rockers Loon Lake have cemented their status as a band of the people, taking to the streets of Melbourne with their debut album Gloamer, to get the dirt on their brand of summery indie rock from unsuspecting pedestrians. Reactions ranged from lukewarm to outright hostility.

Loon Lake’s debut LP, which the band leaked track-by-track between September and its 11th October release date, is out now, but instead of waiting around for the ARIA stats to come through, the band decided to get out there and gauge people’s visceral reaction to the new album.

The results are rather hilarious. While some, perhaps conscious of the camera trained on them, decided to go easy and described the album as “alright” and “like something you’d hear on triple j,” others were less diplomatic, with one listener Flinders St. listener describing it as “fuckin’ shite.”

Despite being “too soft” and “too lovey,” Gloamer has been warmly received by Loon Lake fans, and has so far yielded the singles On Fire and Carolina. Readers can check out “Talking Gloamer” below.

Watch: Loon Lake – Talking ‘Gloamer’

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