Lorde Releases Music Video For ‘Leader Of A New Regime’

Lorde’s latest music video, for ‘Leader Of A New Regime’, arrives just in time for Christmas.

The 90-second Solar Power highlight begins with the line, “Wearing SPF 3000 for the ultraviolet rays,” a handy reminder ahead of some outdoorsy, Covid-safe summer fun.

It’s the fourth song from Lorde’s latest album to get a music video. The video for the title track came first, depicting Lorde, fancy free, running around the beach with a choir of women vocalists. The album’s second video, for ‘Mood Ring‘, showed Lorde and a quintet of women playing with stones, crystals and mushrooms. Lorde then walked through shrubbery and sand, from day to night, past fire and water, in the video for the bluesy ballad, ‘Fallen Fruit’.

Lorde and Joel Kefali directed the ‘Leader Of A New Regime’ video, as they did the previous three. The video is again set by the water, and begins with two women on horseback emerging from the ocean. Watch it below.

Lorde recently announced that her scheduled Solar Power tour across Australia & New Zealand was postponed for a full year. It’s now taking place in February-March 2023. Ticketing info here.

“I want to apologise wholeheartedly to the fans. I’m so gutted to let you down, but so grateful for your understanding. We’ll rage next year,” Lorde said in a statement.

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