Lupe Fiasco Releases Socially Conscience 13-Minute Clip For 3-Song Mash-up

Hip hop star and moral compass Lupe Fiasco has released a 13-minute, ambitious video clip today that mashes together 3 of his latest tracks. Of course, when given a platform, Fiasco is going to use it to express his socioeconomic-political views, and this case is no different. The rapper addresses consumerism, race relations, violence and all the other big issues faced by society.

Devoted fans of Lupe will be able to decipher which 3 tracks have been used, but for everyone else, the tracks are Lamborghini Angels, ITAL (Roses), and Audubon Ballroom. Each track was an absolute gem to discover from his latest album: 2012’s Food and Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1.

The visuals for the clip are remarkably intriguing. What starts off as a hedonistic flurry of images turns into a much more ominous representation of racial inequality, and the powers that be who control the inequality. Fiasco manages to hold up a mirror to society yet again with the video, and those who make it all the way will be rewarded with the satisfaction of lasting 13 minutes.

Clear your schedule for the rest of the afternoon and kick back with the below visual epic.

Watch: Lupe Fiasco – Lamborghini Angels, ITAL (Roses), and Audubon Ballroom.

(Via Pigeons And Planes)

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