Lupe Fiasco Vows To Destroy Copies Of His Dud ‘Lasers’ Album With An Actual Laser

Lupe Fiasco potentially lived up to his name with the release of his 2011 album, Lasers, which many still regard as the worst rap album of all time.

And now, four years later, Lupe has upped the Fiasco with a diabolical scheme to eradicate the lingering menace of his dud 3rd studio LP from existence, once and for all.

In an act of irony so poetic you couldn’t even rap about it, the hip-hop identity has vowed to climactically destroy unwanted copies of Lasers, using an actual giant “laser”.

In a written manifesto posted to Facebook, Fiasco reveals that, instead of making a new album this year, he instead wants to do something “waaaay stupider”, and “unmake an album”.

Inspiration, it would seem, struck while he was pondering a documentary about the time Atari turfed 700,000 unsold copies of its E.T. video game in the early 1980s.

“So here’s my idea,” he writes. “For all you people who really hated my 3rd album LASERS for whatever reason in the universe I want you to send it back to me so I can destroy it with an actual Laser.

“You not getting any money back or an apology or anything like that,” he continues. “The fact still remains that a lot of people really loved LASERS (Me Included) despite the popular myth that it’s one of the worst rap albums ever…

“So yeah….if you have a physical copy of LASERS that you absolutely hate and wish for it to be rendered non-existent then you can send it back to me and I’ll have it destroyed with an actual giant laser and send it into next world in spectacular grand fashion!”

If you are one such #laserhater you can hit Lupe up on Twitter with the hashtag ‪#‎TheReturnOfLasers‬ and, if he gets enough punters keen on returning the disc from whence it came, the official cull will take place on New Years Day, 2016.

No word as to whether or not said lasers will be mounted on the heads of sharks, but we’ll keep you posted.

laser shark

My 3rd musically related thing I want to accomplish this year is not to make another album but to do something waaaay…

Posted by Lupe Fiasco on Monday, August 31, 2015

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