Machine Gun Kelly Receives “Surprise” Oral Sex On Stage

Ohio-born hip hop rising star Machine Gun Kelly has been caught on camera on the receiving end of a cheeky bout of oral sex, though we’re fairly certain he’s not too concerned about the footage considering the incident took place in front of thousands of people mid-performance.

With a room full of onlookers, all of whom paid good money to watch MGK perform, not someone perform on MGK, the rapper can be seen giving it all up to one particular member of the audience. Of course, the iPhones are never too far away and fans began to film. The footage has hit the interwebs, and though it’s not too graphic, it’s probably better to wait till you’re out of the office to check it out.

The whole situation brings to mind a similar incident during a recent performance by Danny Brown’s but MGK’s story has one key difference – this was set up.

The rapper has put a lot of time, money and effort into looking as though he doesn’t give a fuck, and this is yet another crack at servicing this image. Whereas Danny Brown was serviced by a total stranger, MGK was serviced by his friend, porn star Rachel Starr. It was just another porn blowjob, folks.

MGK will be hitting Australian stages for the first time very soon, though hopefully he’s not expecting a similar treatment from his Aussie fans.

(Via Under The Gun)

Watch: Machine Gun Kelly Receives “Surprise” Oral Sex On Stage

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