Man Arrested For Leaking Madonna Song

Spanish police arrested a 31-year-old man last week after he was found in possession of a demo recording of Give Me All Your Love, a song from Madonna‘s upcoming new album that was recently leaked online. The leak came in November, two months before the new album’s planned release that will be Madge’s first studio effort since 2008’s Hard Candy.

The arrest comes after Madonna’s lawyers traced the leak back to Spain. The man, who so far has only been identified by the initials J.M.R, has been described as a big Madonna fan. According to a statement from police, he was charged with the crime and then released.

One wonders if Madonna herself will ever face fraud charges over her phoney British accent, not to mention that godawful movie she made with ex-husband Guy Ritchie. One would guess never though, as she is releasing another movie, titled W.E. that she has both directed and written the soundtrack for. It’s already been nominated for best original soundtrack and best song at The Golden Globes.

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