Mariachi Band Trolls US Senator Ted Cruz Following His Tonedeaf Cancun Escape

Justice has been served to the tune of Mexican folk music to US Republican figure Ted Cruz, after the good senator took an ill-timed vacation to sunny Cancun while his home state of Texas was getting pummeled by catastrophic winter storms.

Cruz returned to Houston shortly after copping the wrath of the nation for his pissweak runner, but the most potent dig came from a bonafide Mariachi band.

It all started when one of the senator’s constituents, a dude named Adam Jama, launched a GoFundMe campaign dubbed “Mariachi band for Ted Cruz,” with the sole purpose of celebrating the political leader with the same seriousness with which he had handled the Texas crisis.

“We want to thank Senator Cruz for his leadership and pay for an amazing Mariachi band to perform for him. No one should go to Cancun and not listen to Mariachi,” the page reads.

The Mariachi Band itself, reportedly quite a renowned ensembled dubbed Mariachi Mi Mexico en Houston, set up shop outside Cruz’s home and ripped an energetic set to remind the senator of all the places he’d rather be.

As Consequence Of Sound reports, a small crowd also joined in the festivities, waving signs that included such slogans as “Cruz’s Lies Cost Lives” and “Smash Fascism”.

No word on whether Cruz himself was home to enjoy the joyous musical troll, but you can relive some of the fun below.

You can also still donate to the GoFundMe Page here. All proceeds going directly to Texas Children Hospital in Houston.

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