This Mariah Carey & My Chemical Romance Mashup Works Frighteningly Well

Christmas is always a confusing time for us Emos. It’s difficult to be comfortable in this heat wearing all black, and the music is just straight-up torture.

But now, a mash-up between Christmas icon Mariah Carey, and known icons of Emo My Chemical Romance has once and for all provided us a gate way to get amongst the silly season.

Welcome To The Christmas Parade appearing online is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. The video pairs Carey’s habitual seasonal hit All I Want For Christmas the subculture defining call-to-arms Welcome To The Black Parade, with seamless results.

For those who have been paying attention, the mash-up should come as no surprise. My Chem vocalist Gerard Way has made his devotion to Carey very clear, going as far as to cover the jolly jam with the no defunct Emo greats.

Much like All I Want For Christmas, fans of My Chem refuse to let the band die. Only recently DJ powerhouse and known lover of Emo Steve Aoki flipped Welcome To The Black Parade and, well… let’s just call that one an ‘acquired taste.’

Listen: ‘Welcome To The Christmas Parade’ – Mariah Carey vs. My Chemical Romance (Mashup)

Watch: My Chemical Romance – ‘All I Want For Christmas’

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