Marilyn Manson Posts String Of Creepy, Cryptic Teaser Videos As World Waits For New Album

It’s been a long hard road out of hell waiting for Marilyn Manson to tell us WTF is actually going on with his forthcoming album SAY10.

After dropping the NSFW video for title track late last year (starring a brutal Donald Trump beheading no less), the shock lord was supposed to slap us with The Pale Emperor follow-up on Valentines Day.

But clearly, he didn’t end up doing that.

What he *has* been doing though is posting a series of creepy-ass, cryptic AF teaser videos on Instagram coupled with mysterious captions that may or may not be possible song titles, such as “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters”, “Mercury Retrograde” and the latest, “Hisatrocitionics”.

The first clip he posted came bearing the caption: “6:19. The time has come”, leading many to deduce that he’s now planning to release the new LP on June 19th.

But if you take a look back at his Insta, it actually looks like he’s referencing a Bible verse from the second book of Samuel: “Why should this dead dog curse my Lord the King? Let me go over now and cut off his head”.

“10 defines the relative size of things in the universe,” he added (potentially referencing the album title?)

All of the latest teaser clips also come bearing the following symbol:

Whatever the hell is going on here, it does seem like we might be getting at least a little bit closer to Manson unfurling The New Shit, which he’s described as being “pretty violent” and reminiscent of Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals “but with a new, different approach”.

We’re pretty sure that whatever he’s teasing isn’t that random country music sideproject with Korn’s Jonathan Davis at any rate.

See what you make of Manson’s freaky teasers below.


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