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Martin Shkreli Allegedly Scammed Of $15 Million Trying To Buy Kanye West’s New Album

It looks like douchebag “pharmaceutical entrepreneur” Martin Shkreli is currently freaking out after trying to purchase Kanye West‘s new album The Life Of Pablo ahead of its release, because he’s claiming (or possibly trolling) to have lost USD$15 million to someone claiming to be “Kanye’s boy”.

With The Life Of Pablo finally released today, Shkreli, who was arrested by the FBI in December on charges of securities fraud after being named as the mystery buyer of Wu Tang Clan’s $2 million album, appears to have taken to his Twitter account to say he’s been in direct contact with Yeezy himself.

Beginning innocently enough, Shkreli posted…

…shortly after, though, things escalated quickly:

Martin Shkreli kanye west screenshot twitter 2a

Martin Shkreli kanye west screenshot twitter 3

Martin Shkreli kanye west screenshot twitter 4

Martin Shkreli kanye west screenshot twitter 5

Whoever’s controlling Shkreli’s Twitter account has also posted that a GoFundMe crowdfunding page will be set up shortly to raise money for his supposed cause, which is bonkers.

Martin Shkreli kanye west screenshot twitter 7

Shkreli, who pissed off humanity by upping the prices of life-saving medications by 5000 per cent, has also reportedly appeared on a Spreecast live-stream asking people to help him get his money back, which sounds crazy AF because, well, who in their right mind would give him money?

Anyone who’s keen to purchase The Life Of Pablo can currently grab it for AUD$24, which is far less than the price Shkreli allegedly paid for literally nothing. Here’s where you can legitimately pick up the album.

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