Martin Shkreli Shares Wu-Tang Clan’s $2 Million Album After Trump’s Election Win

The most hated second most hated man in the world , Martin Shkreli, has actually started to do some good for society, coming good on his promise to share his copy of Wu-Tang Clan‘s one-off album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Shkreli had previously announced he would do so if Donald Trump won the US election.

Overnight, the former hedge fund manager shared a series of snippets from the album, live streaming them throughout the internet. The good thing is, it actually sounds as though Shaolin may have been worth that $2 million price tag. The album is clearly sharp and light on its toes.

What isn’t cool, however, is Shkreli’s stupid, punchable grin burning down the camera at you while you try to listen, the so-called ‘pharma-douche’ nodding along to various lyrics. Someone should also tell him to take off that Bernie 2016 sticker… it’s over, bro.

Shkreli reportedly didn’t actually think Trump would win, and now might have to hit some hard talks with Wu-Tang about a wider release for Shaolin. So, perhaps there is a big of goodness in the dude for following through a silver lining of the election results.

Shkreli popped up on the wrong side of the zeitgeist when he jacked up the price of the medication Daraprim. He soon felt the ire of Clinton and then the rest of the world.

Check out snippets of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, below.

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