Massive Smiths Box Set On The Way

2011 is, it appears, the year of the enormous, very expensive box set. Rufus Wainwright and Bjork are others to explore this avenue, and now the Smiths are to release a huge package that takes in pretty much everything the Manchester band ever did.

Pitchfork reports that The Smiths Complete – Deluxe Collectors Box Set, as it’s called, will include fully remastered versions of eight albums (on both CD and vinyl) and no less that 25 7″ singles. The twist is that the box set will be limited to only 3000 copies worldwide, which will reportedly be available as of October 3.

The remastering process was overseen by Smiths’ guitarist Johnny Marr along with engineer extraordinaire Frank Arkwright. The package contains all four original studio albums as well as live albums and compilations.

In addition to all the music, there is also a 36″ x 24″ poster of all the band’s album and single cover art, as well as a DVD featuring all their promo videos.

And there’s still more. We have an eight-page 12″ booklet of expanded liner notes along with 12″ prints of all the cover art from their albums. There is also a code allowing you to digitally download the whole thing, to save you carting it round with you. Extensive details of the box set can be found over the Smiths’ label, Rhino. The price of it all there is a cool £249.99 (AUD370).

It’s nice, is it not,  to be talking about the Smiths’ music for  change, rather than the ongoing sit-com/soap opera that is Morrissey’s escapades these days.


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