Watch Carcass, Bad Wolves and Mastodon Members Take On A Metallica Classic

It seems neigh a day goes by in the post-COVID era without metal band superstars teaming up on zoom for a cover, and members of Mastodon, Carcassand Bad Wolves have offered themselves as tribute this week with a ripping take on Metallica’s classic ‘Blackened’.

Taking the iconic thrasher and putting a slower, sludgier spin on it, making the slow past fast and vice versa for a take that’s both funny and surprisingly anthemic.

The group, appearing as guests on the ‘Two Minutes To Late Night’ YouTube channel (so named after the Iron Maiden classic ‘Two Minutes To Midnight’), features Mastodon’s Troy Sanders on vocals, Doc Coyle of BW of guitars, Carcass skin man Dan Wilding on drums, and Nate Garrett and Jordan “Gwarsenio Hall” Olds providing rhythm guitars and bass respectively.

Of course, for this cover, done in honor of ‘Black Friday’, the band dressed in appropriate retro ‘Metallica attire, with Wilding even pulling out some Ulrich drum faces for extra spice. Check it out below.

The channel, run by Olds and Drew Kauffman, features all manner of sketches, reviews, videos, and, of course, covers with members of Coheed and Cambria, Tool,  Primus and more making appearances. Check it out here.


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