Mastodon To Feature On New Monsters Inc. Film Soundtrack

According to a recent post through Mastodon’s Official Facebook Page, the band is currently heads down, hard at work writing music for the next instalment of the Monsters Inc. Franchise, dubbed Monsters University.

For those previously unaware, there’s going to be a new Monsters Inc! The film is set to act as a prequel, set 10 years prior to its older brother, which was released back in 2001. According to Consequence of Sound, the movie revolves around Sully and Mike Wazowski’s relationship at University, as they plot successful careers in the scaring industry.

The link between the film and Georgia-based metal gods Mastodon is not all that clear, other than the fact that those who loved Monsters Inc. back in the day have grown up to love Mastodon – so we welcome the collaboration with open arms.

Apart from the thumbs-up from the band that the project is actually happening, not too much is known. It’s hard to say whether the band will bring their brutal-as-fuck sound, or take a more…Pixar approach to things. What we do know is that the soundtrack will be out early next year and the film hitting cinemas June 21st, 2013.

This won’t be the first time that the band have had their music sync’d to cartoons. For those of you playing at home, Mastodon wrote the track Cut You With a Linoleum Knife featured on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie.

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