Mastodon: “We’ve Got To Do A Headline Australian Tour”

Mastodon‘s Troy Sanders says the band are determined to return to Australia for a headline tour in 2015. Speaking to Music Feeds, the bassist for the Atlanta hard rockers said their plans for “two solid years of touring” on new album Once More Round the Sun will definitely include Australia.

Before leaving the stage at the Palace Theatre back in February, drummer Brann Dailor told fans that the band would “see you guys next year.” In an upcoming interview with Music Feeds, Sanders, who also plays bass in the metal supergroup Killer Be Killed, elaborates on Dailor’s statement.

“When we came home from Soundwave a couple months ago we said that we’ve got to make sure that we come back and do our own tour across Australia,” he says. “We came down and supported Slayer, then we did the Big Day Out, we’ve done two Soundwaves, and we really need to come and do a proper club slash theatre setting and do four, five, six, seven shows across the country.”

“So that is a hundred per cent in our plans to do. We have the rest of this physical year, 2014, booked, but we plan on doing two solid years of touring on this new record so we will be there and that will be one of the highlights of our entire touring cycle because it’s so great every time we visit.”

Speaking on the band’s love of Australia, the bassist says, “We enjoy it down there some much, the people are so welcoming. The music fans are just so hungry and they eat us up and we love it, and we need to come down and do a proper tour.” Once More Round the Sun is out Friday, 20th June.

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