Mastodon Working On ‘Radioheadish’ Sounds On Next Album

Atlanta metalheads Mastodon have started writing their new record and plan to hit the studio in early 2013.

And some of the tunes are shaping up to be a bit of a departure for the band, if comments from singer/guitarist Brent Hinds are to be believed.

Hinds told MTV that he’s been listening to a diverse range of acts and has been using quite a bit of slide guitar when constructing the tracks.

“A lot of the stuff I’m writing is in open G-minor. I’m playing a lot of slide guitar and just getting really Jimmy Page-y on the place and getting really eerie and Radioheadish and very spooky sounding.”

Hinds went on to add that the album could definitely be “a big one” for the band – but having only written three songs so far, the direction of the album could definitely change quickly.

“It could be one gigantic one,” he said. “I haven’t made up my mind yet. There’s never really a shortage of music with Mastodon because all of us are working on something musically. I’m in good company.”

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