Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Designs Custom Guitar, Makes Weird Video About It

The lively Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds has designed a custom guitar and treated us to a massively nerdy vid about it.

In his video, the heavily-tattooed and bearded Hinds runs excitedly into what we assume is his backyard and rips open a package, squealing, “It’s an Epiphone!”

The guitar is a classically metal flying-V design with a black and white finish and Hinds’ signature skull logo.

Hinds’ delightful weirdness in the video is not exactly out of character. He has been known to be outspoken about a bunch of things, most recently the fact that he hates heavy metal? Which kind of explains why there isn’t any in this video…

Mastodon toured Aus last year and are apparently in the process of making a new album. They also released a song White Walker for the massive show Game Of Thrones’ mixtape last year.

Watch the vid below.

Watch: Brent Hinds and his signature guitar

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