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Matt Okine Says He “Would Not Rule Out” A Return To Radio With His M8 Alex Dyson

Former triple j Breakfast host Matt Okine has said he “would not rule out” a return to radio with his former co-host Alex Dyson, who has already returned to the youth broadcaster.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Ferg Neal Show, Okine responded to rumours of a return by saying that while he “would not rule it out”, it probably wouldn’t involve triple j.

“I doubt if we did it it would be with triple j, because we are getting old,” he said.

“You can’t have a bald old guy and a guy who can’t play soccer without dislocating his elbow every 10 seconds running around a youth radio station anymore.”

Okine said he decided to “step away” from triple j because he “didn’t want to start not liking it”, revealing that he now feels like he may be ready for a return to radio.

“Now that I’ve had a bit of time away, suddenly I can look back and go, ‘Oh yeah okay well I would almost be ready to maybe do something like that,’ but it all depends,” he said.

“We just couldn’t go back to triple j because you want younger people to be taking those roles… I don’t want to be taking jobs from the youth. So it would probably have to be a commercial station.”

Okine, who has recently been making waves with his television series The Other Guy and rap moniker Boilermakers, left triple j along with Dyson back in 2016.

Dyson returned to triple j in December 2017, and currently hosts the station’s Lunch show, while Ben & Liam handle Breakfast duties.

Listen to Okine’s full interview on The Ferg Neal Show, below.

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