Meat Loaf Says He Has A Plan For If He Dies On Stage

Everyone can stop stressing about what will happen if Meat Loaf dies on stage, because the man himself says he has a plan if worse comes to worst.

The 68-year-old has revealed to News Corp Australia that he’s prepared, should the worst happen, and has instructed his band to play two specific songs should he for some reason die on stage.

When the Saints Go Marching In and then lead the audience to do an a cappella version of the song of Take Me Out To the Ball Game, and if it’s too hard to leave me on the stage and go on, drag me off but play those two songs,” Meat Loaf says, tongue firmly in cheek.

Meat Loaf collapsed while on stage performing in Canada in June this year, prompting speculation that he may not be healthy enough to continue performing live. The singer has played down the incident ever since, saying that he had the flu and that dehydration was to blame for his collapse.

“I’ve been saying ever since then — don’t people have anything else to write about other than me falling down on stage — there’s other news out there folks. I’m not that important,” he says.

“I’d had the flu for about five days and I had been onstage for about 90 minutes and I hit the highest note in I would Do Anything For Love and when I did — I got really dizzy. I said, ‘Oh my god I feel like I’m going to faint,’ so I went to sit down and I’m going to finish this song sitting down and as I went to do so I went out. I went to hospital and they said it was dehydration.”

Meat Loaf was less forthcoming when asked about his infamous performance at the AFL Grand Final five years ago, though.

“I don’t even want to talk about that,” he says. “You know what — that’s five years ago and that’s in the past. Weird things happen that just happen and that’s all it was.”

Watch Meat Loaf’s onstage collapse from earlier this year below, and let’s all hope he doesn’t end up dying on stage.

Watch: Meat Loaf Collapses On Stage 

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