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Melbourne Named One Of The World’s Leading Music Cities

Just in case it wasn’t official before, it is now. Melbourne has just been recognised in the same breath as London, Montreal, New York, Berlin and Austin as one of the leading music cities in the world.

In a new global study dubbed The Mastering Of A Music City, the Victorian capital has been cited as an exemplar of how other cities across the world can generate a vibrant music economy.

The whitepaper reads in part (via The Music):

In Melbourne, Australia, a 2012 census found that live music alone generated more than A$1bn in spending at small venues, concerts and festivals, supported 116,000 annual full-time equivalent jobs, and produced significant spin-off benefits to restaurants, hotels, transportation companies and other providers.

In 2009-2010, an estimated 5.4mn people attended live music performances in the city. This puts music in the top ranks of the city’s economic drivers.

It cites a number of factors as contributing to Melbourne’s burgeoning global brand identity as a live music hub, including the results achieved by the SLAM community organisation in 2010, the implementation of a music advisory board and the City of Melbourne’s 2014

‘Melbourne Music Strategy’.

The recently implemented Agent Of Change principle, which protects venues from the noise complaints of new residents, is another key factor in Melbourne’s rise to the top of the world’s leading music city ranks. Because of its success there, an effort is now underway to have the same principle adopted in parts of London.

“Having ready access to live music will increase community pride and wellbeing, and make Melbourne a more welcoming, vibrant 24 hour city for residents and visitors,” the study concluded.

On ya, Melbourne.

To celebrate, here is a list of songs and videos that represent Melbourne.

1. Crowded House – Four Seasons In One Day

Adopted by Melbournians as their unofficial anthem, in reference to the moody weather that often plagues the fair city.

2. Watch: The Living End – All Torn Down

Written in defence of the city’s historic sites, the clip for All Torn Down features the Aussie rockers performing in a number of iconic Melbourne locations.

3. Tism – Mourningtown Ride

A wonderful portrait of 14 Melbourne suburbs that you shouldn’t get off the train to see.

4. King Parrot – Dead End

Iconic and dilapidated live music venue The Tote gets hacked to pieces by an axe-wielding metal maniac.

5. Dan Sultan – Old Fitzroy

Kind of speaks for itself.

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