Metal Tour Left Hanging After Promoter Flakes

German progressive metal band The Ocean, aka The Ocean Collective, have appealed to fans on social media to save a planned January Australian tour. According to the group, their initial promoter “proved to be a flake”, leaving the tour in limbo. However, it appears that AJ Maddah may have come to the rescue.

“We were supposed to tour Australia in early 2015, but unfortunately, the promoter proved to be a flake at a stage when we are already very far into planning details of the logistics of this tour,” they write on Facebook. Among the dates currently “on hold” are shows at the Oxford Art Factory and The Espy.

“We would really like to come and play, but need to find a reliable agency/promoter to commit to making this happen,” the band conclude, sharing the statement with the poster for their Australian tour in support of their latest album, Pelagial, with “Cancelled…?” emblazoned across it in bold red lettering.

After a fan took to Twitter to suggest getting in touch with “Soundwave Touring or Metropolis Touring”, Soundwave founder AJ Maddah tweeted the Berlin group, asking for their private contact details and telling them, “We’ll try and help you… Will contact you over the weekend.” When a fan asked about the possibility of the group being added to the Soundwave Festival lineup, Maddah replied only with a smile.

If The Ocean’s dates are indeed cannibalised by Soundwave, it wouldn’t the first such occurrence. After cancelling their September tour, The Wonder Years were added to the Soundwave 2015 bill less than a week later. According to Maddah, the tour was cancelled after the group “got massively dicked around”.

Furthermore, earlier this year Cleveland industrial outfit Filter were added to the Soundwave 2014 bill despite previously announcing an Australian headline tour. After Maddah confirmed that the departed Sevendust had been replaced, Filter cancelled their tour and announced their addition to Soundwave.

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