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Metallica Covered Rammstein Over The Weekend And It Was Glorious

Over the weekend, Metallica performed a stadium show at the Olympiastadion in Berlin where they kept to tradition and played another cover, paying tribute to a local band.

Whilst in the UK, they played a cover of The Stone Roses. Now in Berlin, they’ve offered up a brief Rammstein cover.

Rammstein had played the same venue just two days before, so naturally knowing this, Metallica’s Rob Trujillo and Kirk Hammett took the chance to give their respect and play a brief cover of the band’s 1997 song, ‘Engel’, from their second record, Sehnsucht.

The clip sees the crowd helping out Trujillo with the German lyrics and coming together for a truly glorious display of rock solidarity.

Metallica will be headed our way later in 2019. Keeping in stead with the kinds of local tributes they’re pulling off overseas, we can only hope they’ll do the same whilst on our shores.

Check out the cover below.

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