MGMT’s Andrew VanWynGarden Is Working On A Coronavirus Song

MGMT’s Andrew VanWynGarden has shared (probably) the first Coronavirus-themed song amid the outbreak. He hasn’t quite finished the song, but he’s shared a 50 second teaser with us and it’s pretty fun.

The new rave tune, named ‘Oh No Corona’ comes after Charli XCX and Matty Healy were discussing who’d be the first to use Coronavirus in a song over Twitter on Wednesday.

Charli XCX tweeted, “which artist do we think will name check coronavirus in their lyrics first?”

To which Matty Healy replied, “Honestly why this new album is delayed.” Referring to the delay of Notes On A Conditional Form.

In between other artists jumping on board and fans calling for a Charli x Matty Healy collab, MGMT’s Andrew VanWynGarden chimed in with a new Twitter account.

“I wrote a song last week, just need to do the verses! Want to hear it? I can email,” he offered.

Another Twitter user replied, pointing out there already was a Coronavirus song. VanWynGarden replied, “But nothing comes close to what I have created.”

He wasn’t joking either. The snippet of ‘Oh No Corona’ is 90s rave-soaked banger that goes hard.

“I didn’t finish it today but this is a teaser,” VanWynGarden tweeted with a SoundCloud link.

Listen to ‘Oh No Corona’ below.

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