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Tash Wolf, Daniel Furnari (Polaris), James Karagiozis (Between You & Me), Mike Shinoda, Mitchell Black and Bonnie Fraser (Stand Atlantic) | Supplied

Mike Shinoda Joined by Stand Atlantic, Polaris and Between You & Me for ‘Already Over’ Live Recording

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda has released a live version of his recent solo single ‘Already Over’, recorded with a group of Sydney musos. Shinoda was in Australia to speak at BIGSOUND in September, and while in town, he took the opportunity to call up a few mates, including Stand Atlantic’s Bonnie Fraser, Polaris drummer Daniel Furnai, Between You & Me’s James Karagiozis, and Tash Wolf and Mitchell Black.

The supergroup assembled at Studios 301 in Sydney’s inner west and blasted through the new single. They also took the time to play through Linkin Park favourite ‘Bleed It Out’. You can watch it all go down in the video below.

Mike Shinoda: ‘Already Over’ & ‘Bleed It Out’ (Live in Sydney)

“The idea of the ‘Already Over’ sessions is to play the song with talented locals from different parts of the world,” Shinoda said in a statement. “Every player has their own style – some DNA of their personality that comes through in their performance. Combining them in a room for a one-day session is kinda high-stakes. I’m thrilled the first session in Australia was such a success, and grateful to each of the incredible artists who joined me there.”

“When I got the call the imposter syndrome hit me so hard I almost backed out,” Bonnie Fraser of Stand Atlantic said. “I am so grateful and honoured to have been asked by Mike to collaborate on this project! He was an absolute sweetheart and I was pinching myself the whole time that I got to be in the same room, let alone playing the same song with a legend.”

“I can’t even describe the disbelief I felt at receiving the invitation to be part of this project,” added Polaris drummer Daniel Furnai. “Stepping into the studio in September, I think we were all experiencing a bit of imposter-syndrome to say the least, but Mike was so quick to make us feel at ease as he worked his way around the room asking detailed questions about our respective projects and reassuring us all that we had been asked to be there for a reason.”

In an interview with NME just over a month ago, Shinoda declined to say whether an album was on the way, but did say he was busy experimenting and writing.

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