Miley Cyrus Celebrates The 10-Year Anniversary Of Her Infamous Bong Video Leak

Miley Cyrus is doubling down on her “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, having re-shared the infamous video of her hitting a bong that changed her public image.

“Happy 10 year anniversary to the groundbreaking video of a teenager smoking a bong & saying dumb shit to their friends,” she wrote on Instagram alongside the video.

She also went on to shade the person who filmed the video and eventually leaked it to TMZ, saying “(Not sure the director of this fine film should be considered a “friend” but…)”

She continued, “Time really flew by. I remember this like it was yesterday….. J/K I don’t remember shit cause I was fucked the hell up.”

Touché, Cyrus, tou-fuckin-ché.

She also confirmed that the substance she was smoking was salvia, a hallucinogenic that is legal in California.

#YesItWasReallySalvia,” she wrote. 


The video, which was filmed when she was 18 years old, ended up having some pretty serious ramifications for her career, including losing huge endorsement deals with brands like Walmart.

Of course, in the scheme of things it has impacted her overall career very little, considering she just released one of the best albums of the year.

View Cyrus’ post below.


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