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Milky Chance Return With Breezy New Single ‘Cocoon’

German purveyors of folktronica Milky Chance have returned with another lean slice of what they do best, dubbed Cocoon. The track is the first peep from the band since they made us all move with their 2013 debut album Sadnecessary.

If you found yourself seriously enjoying their maiden offering and its huge lead single Stolen Dance, then you’re in for a treat. Cocoon (below) sees the pair once again fuse their crooning folk sensibilities with an electronic groove. So simple, right? But oh so effective.

Speaking with triple j this morning, Milky Chance singer-guitarist Clemens Rehbein backed up the solid jam with some solid meanings.

“It’s about making a fall and hurting someone but working with that fall but not in terms of desiring something but embracing what you’ve done and work with it and look forward, trying it back to that cocoon – some time or space where you can be yourself and get rid of all distractions,” he said.

Milky Chance unveiled the new song by getting fans to take to their website and ‘unlock’ the song and its artwork pixel-by-pixel, to unveil a preview of of track, which you can stream in a fan rip below ahead of its official release tomorrow.

Cocoon ushers in the next album phase for Milky Chance, and they’ve confirmed the new record is under way, with Rehbein saying that he and his Milky partner Philipp Dausch are “back in the studio recording new songs”.

Stream Cocoon and Clemens Rehbein’s triple j interview, below.

Listen: Milky Chance – ‘Cocoon’ (Preview)

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