Milky Chance Stream Debut Album ‘Sadnecessary’

Chart-topping German duo Milky Chance have been making serious waves both at home and Down Under, with their single Stolen Dance soaring up the iTunes chart to steal the Number One spot. Australian fans can now finally feast their ears on the pair’s debut album, Sadnecessary, below.

The album came out in the band’s native Europe in October 2013, but as singer Clemens Rehbein told Music Feeds, it can be an uphill battle releasing an album overseas. “The album took us two weeks recording and two weeks to [do the] mixing, so we had one month to create that album.”

“And everything went very quick,” he added. “It just shows you it takes a lot of time and a lot of work to bring the album to the people… Now we realise how much work it is to bring that album over to Australia or to the US. We can’t make it all at the same time. You don’t realise how big the world is.”

Discussing Stolen Dance, Rehbein told Music Feeds that the song captures “less a story than a feeling,” explaining that it was his attempt to capture the feeling of the pain involved in missing a loved one, “but you don’t give up… and that’s what makes you feel stronger, more happy.”

Readers can listen to Sadnecessary in full below. The album is the result of Rehbein’s partnership with DJ, producer, and high-school friend Philipp Dausch, whom Rehbein explained is “the brain” of Milky Chance’s unique and often melancholy blend of folk, electronica, dream pop, and indie rock.

Listen: Milky Chance – Sadnecessary

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