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Moaning Lisa Share Angsty, Textured New Single ‘Inadequacy’

Melbourne’s favourite grungy alt-rock four-piece, Moaning Lisa have shared a new single, ‘Inadequacy’. Funnily enough, it’s a more than adequate release… it’s an absolute treat.

‘Inadequacy’s angsty lyrics, fuzzy, grungy instrumentals, and layered vocals make for a really fun yet moody sound.

And it makes sense, as lead singer Charlie explains, it’s “meant to be equal parts moody and upbeat. Something you can simultaneously yell and dance to.”

“I guess it makes sense that a song literally called ‘Inadequacy’ made us feel so torn and unsure on so many occasions.”

On ‘Inadequacy’, Charlie says, “The first line I wrote for the song was about not knowing whether to take your shoes or pants off first when you’re drunk and about to have sex with someone.”

“‘Inadequacy’ kind of snowballed from there and became this collection of tidbits about all the ways you can feel inadequate – all these tiny snapshots of everyday shortcomings.”

A statement says the skeleton of the new track came together six years ago. The song has lived many lives, with the band apparently playing it at their second live show ever.

“Like most of our songs, it’s gone through many lives and eventually found its place as our misfit anthem,” says Moaning Lisa. “And, personally, [it’s] one of our most beloved songs to date.”

Moaning Lisa just tied up their intimate ‘Something’ headline tour. Next, the band will be supporting Luca Brasi on their ‘Everything is Tenuous’ national tour.

The tour kicks off Friday, 20th August and will visit Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Listen to ‘Inadequacy’ below.

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