Moby, Pharrell Offer To Party With Bullied “Dancing Man”

People on the internet have rallied together to support a man who was shamed online for dancing in public, and now Pharrell Williams and Moby are among the celebrities raising their hands to attend a Los Angeles party for the “dancing man”.

In a story that proves social media can be utilised for good, a campaign to track down the man in question began last month, where a user on 4chan posted two images of a man dancing in public with the caption, “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

Reports Fairfax, a Los Angeles activist and writer Cassandra Fairbanks quickly launched a social media campaign to track down the man in the photo with the intention of doing something nice for him to prove her support. She was quickly joined by thousands of Twitter users who shared her open letter to the man with an offer to throw him a dance party.

“Our entire group was horrified seeing the cruelty represented in the post, and seeing as this amazing group has done so many charitable and beautiful things in the past, I decided to throw out an offer to pay for his flight here if we could find him and throw him a party,” wrote Fairbanks, under the name Cassandra Rules, via The Free Thought Project.

The man soon confirmed his identity and appeared on Twitter as @Dancingmanfound. Now plans are underway for a Los Angeles dance party to be held for the London-based man, with a crowd-sourced fundraising page set up to raise finds to fly him to the party where over 1,700 women are expected to attend. The GoFundMe page for the party has so far raised over $35,000.

Since then Moby has offered up his DJing skills for the bash because “no-one should be ashamed of dancing” while Pharrell Williams has also made his interest known. “Keep me posted about your dance party!,” he tweeted. “@Dancingmanfound, never be ashamed of yourself.”

A Los Angeles venue has even offered to host the bash while a whole host of other celebrities have expressed an interest in attending the event. Dita Von Teese said she would “love to join” the party, Ellie Goulding also tweeted “I want to dance with #dancingman and play at the party” and Este Haim of HAIM replied to that with “I’m right there with you.”

Dancing Man has thanked everyone for their response on Twitter: “Just woke up to be greeted with so many more kind words. Big thanks again”.

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