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Watch How Modern Day Kids React To Hearing Nirvana For The First Time

Of all the hilarious videos of people reacting to things on the internet, this is definitely one of them.

Fresh from the diabolical minds of reaction video barons FBE — who’ve created a reactionary empire through such procrastination bait titles as ‘Elders React To System Of A Down’ and ‘Kids React To Metallica’ — comes new comedic masterstroke ‘Kids React To Nirvana‘.

As the self-explanatory title would indicate, the clip is chock-full of adorable and snot-nosed youngsters hearing songs from the world’s most iconic grunge act for the first time ever and reacting in an array of obnoxious and LOL-inducing ways that will probably make you feel really old and also maybe want to build a rocketship to start a new human colony in outer space.

Smells like pre-teen spirit.

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