Modest Mouse’s New Video For ‘The Ground Walks’ Is Like Game Of Thrones On Drugs

Modest Mouse have unfurled a very Modest Mouse new music video for their equally Modest Mouse track, The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box off their eighth studio album, Strangers To Ourselves.

The clip – a viewing of which is akin to taking a stroll through Westeros whilst zoinked off Dothraki shrooms – could be considered wacky and bizarre by normal human standards, but normal compared to the status quo-buggering standards of wackiness that we’ve come to expect from Modest Mouse.

The indie rockers portray a variety of eccentric hobo monarchs in the video, garbed in the latest fashuns of the realm, including a crown of house keys, a robe of neckties and one fabulous light-bulb sceptre.


But if you have any doubts that Isaac Brock and company’s new video for The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box is indeed a tripped-out nod to HBO’s Game Of Thrones, then look no further than its closing sequence.

*Spoiler alert* The blood-soaked and gruesome scene features Brock gauging an opponent’s eyes out with such force that his entire head explodes, a totes obvie homage to that gnarly fight scene between The Mountain and The Red Viper on Thrones last season.

Check it out below.

Watch: Modest Mouse – The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box

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