Morrissey Cancels Entire US Tour, Shows Won’t Be Rescheduled

It’s starting to look a lot like age has begun to get the better of Morrissey – a recent run of health issues resulted in the iconic musician cancelling the rest of his US tour and, due to the risk of further illness, it has been announced that the shows will not be rescheduled any time soon.

After first cancelling a couple of shows, Moz continued in the hope that he would be able to complete the remaining dates, but now it seems that the entire tour has been scrapped. The health scares mentioned have consisted of a bleeding ulcer back in January, a concussion and something called Barrett’s esophagus.

This will no doubt be a bummer for the fans, but Moz himself is clearly pretty pissed at the situation. In his statement (Via Diffuser), he wasn’t looking to justify his cancellations but rather explain them in typically humble style:

“It’s been a colossal pain where this continuously unpredictable illness is concerned, and now the physical limits have been reached… The audiences everywhere have given so much, although I know that neither of us will ever receive our due.”

Morrissey does explain that the verdict may be overturned at some point, but probably far into the future, explaining, “I hope this isn’t the end, and I hope there will be other chances, minus the heavy burden of illness.”

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