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Morrissey Ranked His Favourite Audiences Of 2016 And Australia Actually Did Pretty Well

In the most Morrissey thing-to-do ever, the former The Smiths frontman decided that while everyone else was ranking their favourite songs of the year, he’d rank his favourite audiences.

Morrissey toured Australia this year which means that many of our cities were up for a place in the list and while we didn’t take out the number one spot, we didn’t do too badly.

He wrote a letter to fan-site True To You, where he delivered the list, also writing that, “the Morrissey Band is the best in the world.”

Adelaide placed highest on the list coming in at number four, while Melbourne followed closely at number five. Newcastle was the only other city to place coming in at number 11.

His favourite audience to play for was Philadelphia in the US, closely followed by Brooklyn.

He hand selected where he wanted to visit on his Australian tour this time around, barring Brisbane because he was “heckled” last time he played there. Presumably, they wouldn’t have made this list that year.

Morrissey used his Aussie tour to declare that “Meat is shit” and also that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, “can’t stand the American public.”

“The 28 shows played on this tour have been outstanding triumphs as yet another year strengthens and solidifies our positions around the world,” he said in his letter before listing his favourite 15 audiences which you can see below.

1. Philadelphia, USA.

2. Brooklyn, USA.

3. Hong Kong, CHINA.

4. Adelaide, AUSTRALIA.

5. Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.

6. Santa Barbara, USA.

7. Helsinki, FINLAND.

8. Manchester, ENGLAND.

9. Goteborg, SWEDEN.

10. Chicago, USA.

11. Newcastle, AUSTRALIA.

12. Berlin, GERMANY.

13. Salt Lake City, USA.

14. Tokyo, JAPAN (first night).

15. Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL.

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