Morrissey Reunited With Former Producer

Throughout his illustrious life, Morrissey has never been short of a feud or two, or indeed a healthy roster of enemies. It is nice to hear then, that he seems to have patched things up with one of his old playmates, former Smiths producer Stephen Street.

Street worked on Smiths albums such Meat Is Murder and The Queen Is Dead, and also shared writing credits on Morrissey’s solo albums Viva Hate and Bona Drag. However, the pair hadn’t seen each other for 20 years after a rift allegedly caused by differences over songwriting royalties and the fact Street spoke to controversial Morrissey biographer Johnny Rogan.

There seems to have been a reconciliation, as Street has posted on his website, stating, “I recently met up with a certain Mr Morrissey for the first time in nearly 20 years. I think we were both apprehensive about meeting but after five minutes we were getting on so well it was truly a magical moment.”

He continued, “I am so pleased to have met up with someone who has been such a big part of my musical journey after a prolonged period of time and I hope we can stay true friends forever.”

Softening in his old age, perhaps.

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