Morrissey’s Drummer Quits The Band – Squashes ‘Fall Out’ Rumours

Drummer Matt Walker, who’s played with Morrissey’s band for the past six years, has decided to quit the band in what first appeared to be a fallout between him and the famously outspoken frontman on Twitter. But he was quick to silence the rumours surrounding his daparture, insisting he is grateful for the years he’s spent playing with the legendary singer.

Walker joined the band in 2006, and played on the Years of Refusal album. He took to Twitter to declare that “things are weird and getting weirder” ahead of a show in the Philippines during Morrissey’s recent tour, before walking out after a show in California last month.

A statement was released on Morissey’s website, saying: “Our little covered wagon has lost drummer Matt Walker, who was eager to bring his term to an end. No bargainings could persuade him to stay, and his interest drew its last breath at Stockton.”

“Behind the kit, Matt was a greyhound unleashed, and his great work on Years of Refusal will always and forever speak up in his favor. His exit is sad, but he had no wish to continue, and a branch falls away.”

Walker also posted his own statement to clear up any rumours that he had fallen out with Morrissey: “For the last six years I have had the honor and privilege to play drums for Morrissey. He is one of the last true and uncompromising artists and will always be an inspiration. However, for numerous reasons, the time has come for me to relinquish my post.

“It has been a sincere pleasure to perform with this band before the most passionate and dedicated fans in the world – great music is nothing without an audience to love and embrace it. I know few are fortunate enough to experience such a fantastic voyage, and I am grateful for it.”

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