Mr. G’s ‘Hotline Bling’ Is The Mashup Australia Needs Right Now

Drake could probably learn a thing or two from Mr. G, the triple-threat Summer Heights High drama teacher embodied by Chris Lilley.

And we’re sure G. would agree.

The music video for Drake’s latest chart-scorcher Hotline Bling features the rapper dancing dorkily inside a bunch of cubes, inspiring an outbreak of hilarious internet dance mash-ups just hours after its release.

But all of them pale in comparison to this. The majesty of Hotline Bling brought to life by Mr. G’s flawless D-moves is probably the greatest thing our country has ever produced, including Vegemite, penicillin and Chris Hemsworth.


And even better? It’s been bestowed upon us by the great Chris Lilley himself.

Check it out below and enjoy responsibly.

Mr G’s Hotline Bling

Mr G’s Hotline Blingby fixmeinforty5 Tumblr

Posted by Chris Lilley on Saturday, October 24, 2015

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