Music Feeds Faves – 26/08/16

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the fresh new tunes that made an impact on them this week, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

Kimchi Princi – Internet Friend

As the first single to be taken off her amazing EP Just In My Room, Just On My Phone, Internet Friend by Kimchi Princi is THE ANTHEM for the post-Tinder world. The song itself is amazing enough on its own – full of lush synths and Kimchi rapping at lightspeed as she drops internet references left right and centre – but teamed with the fabulously lo-fi public bathroom set video by Danielle Karlikoff, it’s on a whole other level of awesome. This of course follows on from her equally amazing homemade clips for Shine 4 Me, Luxe and Show Me. Once again proving herself as on of the most interesting and exciting local hip hop artists, and certainly the most refreshing, I’m swiping right on this one without even checking the profile info. / Michael Carr, Staff Writer

Tigerilla – TULIPS ft. Gill Bates

You know all those epic dance-centric music videos that you love but also make you die a little inside when you think of the on-screen turned IRL romance you and Channing Tatum could have had if only your mum hadn’t caved and let you quit ballet because the leotards were uncomfortable and the teacher was too mean? Yeah well fuck those magnificent videos OK, Tigerilla and director Tom Noakes know the true beauty of dance lies in the human spirit pelvic-thrust, and they have the music video to prove it.

Srsly though, this incredible clip is a serious contender for Aus music video of the year. Coupled with the track’s bouncing futuristic beats, ’90s era R’n’B call outs and verses just saturated in charism (Fresh Prince-vibes, anyone?), it’s already got me pelvic-thrusting my way into the weekend. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

Kero Kero Bonito – Graduation

UK outfit Kero Kero Bonito are known for their sugary sweet pop which typically borders on being PC Music, but this latest effort is actually the heaviest thing we’ve heard from them in a while. Turn that bass up in the chorus section and you might well think you’d stumbled into some alternate universe where Kero Kero makes bass/trap music.

Your confusion will likely be short lived though, with Sarah typically belting out one of the middle verses in Japanese, a cheeky Mario Kart power up sample in there and also a few cat noises in the back end…because why the fuck not? There’s also this weirdly grandiose section in the middle that sounds like the Sydney Uni Carilion and an organ, though hell will likely freeze over before this is played at a USYD grad ceremony. / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer

Korn – Insane

The second kernel of Korn’s new album The Serenity Of Suffering definitely lives up to its name. Insane sums up the vibe of the track, which kicks off with an eerie melody, dark, unhinged lyrics and a creepy-ass lead guitar line before building in intensity with a demonic breakdown riff, manic disc scratches and some gutteral growl action from frontman Jonathan Davis until it finally cracks peak levels of lunacy.

Insane also sums up how good this track is. Korn’s latest offering marks a return to form for the nu-metal lords, and – along with previous single Rotting In Vain – is probably the best thing we’ve heard out of them in the past ten years. Needless to say, this album is shaping up to be a good’n.

Also, at this rate, expect dreadlocks to make a big comeback in 2017. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

The Laurels – Hit And Miss

Sydney act The Laurels are back on the radar and their newest offering Hit And Miss has all the makings of the former. Sonically, it’s a throwback to ’60s psychedelia, with sunny pop harmonies, jangly guitars and some 808 kicks thrown in for that r’n’b edge.

It’s not all smiles an sunshine though, with the band tackling some heavy and important themes on the track. “It’s a a song about the stigma surrounding mental illness and the struggle that sufferers face when trying to convey their feelings to others,” explain the band in a statement. “There’s a tendency to label someone selfish when they resort to drastic measures like suicide without fully being able to comprehend the inner working of the brain, it’s not simply a matter of thinking yourself out of these situations when you’re dealing with a severe chemical imbalance. Educating people about the disease is the key to breaking those stereotypes.” / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

Australia – Breathe In

My favourite impossible-to-Google band Australia are back with a new single, the incredibly catchy Breathe In. Drawing on both 80s new wave and Aussie pub rock (think Duran Duran meets Icehouse) the song is full of infectious guitar stabs and anthemic vocals with a slick bed of synths slithering underneath it all. Featuring a stunning video from director Joel Burrows and production house Entropico (JOY.’s Like Home) that sees two girls trade kisses and blows in Sydney’s western suburbs while flocks of birds swoop and swirl overhead, this is one of the most accomplished singles yet to be taken from the band’s debut album Portraits Of People, Places And Movies. / Michael Carr, Staff Writer

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