Here Are All The Musicians Who Might Move To Australia Now That Donald Trump Is President

In what’s being widely dubbed “The American Brexit”, Donald Trump has sideswiped the US election and toppled Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to be crowned the new President Of The United States.

And if you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably already considered pulling a Cast Away and marooning yourself on a desert island for the next four years, or else getting Richard Branson on the blower to see if you can con your way into a spot on Virgin’s first ever intergalactic space voyage until the whole thing blows over.

But take comfort, friend. You’re not the only one who thinks a Trump Presidency means we’re all F’d in the A. As News Corp reports, Canada’s official immigration website fkn crashed today due to the volume of US citizens investigating how to get the hell outta dodge, while Google Trends showed the search “Move to Australia” spiked over the hours since Trump emerged victorious.

Prior to The Donald bagging the White House gig, plenty of big name musos also expressed their intentions to GTFO of the US should he be elected, with some of those also name-checking Australia as their destination of choice.

Catch a list of musos who could soon be packing their bags and moving Down Under following the election of Donald Trump below, or else check out 8 reasons why we reckon Yeezy would make a better preezy than Trump here.

Gallery: Musicians Who Might Move To Australia Now That Trump Is President

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