Network Cans Whitney Houston Hologram Duet After Realising It Was A Terrible Idea

A duet between a hologram of Whitney Houston and a real life Christina Aguilera set to air as part of the season finale of U.S. series of The Voice has been cancelled because the hologram looked nothing at all like Whitney Houston Jezebel reports.

Houston’s estate made the decision, NBC agreeing to pull the segment in the end, but footage has leaked showing the uncanny valley escape in morbid detail. As distracting as the impost-o-gram is though, Aguilera bloody well kills this performance nailing I Have Nothing despite some weird interaction with faux-Whitney.

If you didn’t think techno-resurrected pop star duets were weird enough though,wait until around the 2:20 mark and the Whitney-gram goes all Katniss Everdeen and changes wardrobe with a flash of flame as they segue into I’m Every Woman. At this point I’m not giving two shits about the hologram and am dancing at my desk.

Then shit gets even weirder when the hologram disintegrates into stardust and the video cuts to who I assume are Whitney’s family who look somewhere between shocked and sad.

2016 everybody, welcome to freak show.

Watch the video for yourself here below.

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