You’ll Never Be As Happy As Kanye West Playing With A Car Horn

There are lots of things we can aim to achieve in life, but it’s now clear that we’ll never be as happy as Kanye West was when he recently beeped a car’s horn multiple times.

As Toronto Star‘s Tablet Editor Chris Hannah points out, last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians saw Yeezy lay down a sick beat on a Cuban driver’s car horn while his wife Kim Kardashian-West took selfies in the backseat, and footage of the moment is, well, an experience.

What’s more, it looks like a sample of the raw car hornage could end up on a new Kanye West song, possibly for a The Life Of Pablo follow-up album consisting solely of field recordings from inside vehicles:

Kanye’s car horn fun times come after the rapper was turned down by Swedish furniture-maker IKEA recently, following Yeezy’s offer to design furniture with the company.

Watch Kanye go nuts on a car horn like a four-year-old, below.

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