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New Biopic Called Out As “Fiction” For Depicting Morrissey As “Autistic”

Never far away from controversy British singer, songwriter and author Morrissey has found himself at the centre of a stir regarding a new unofficial biopic due out this August titled ‘England Is Mine.’

The film, which tells the story of Morrissey’s life before he was a member of The Smiths, has been called out by the artist’s childhood friend James Maker.

Maker has lashed out at the film’s official trailer, called it “disingenuous” in it’s depiction of Morrissey.

In a statement on Facebook, Maker accuses the trailer of portraying his friend as “an autistic, retiring creature with both curly hair and a natural crimp, who had to be physically pushed into becoming a singer by a well-meaning friend.” He went on to call the film “historical fiction” and “not a biopic.”

“The premise that if Morrissey could be a singer, then anybody could, is disingenuous, and rather insulting to his original talent as an artist,” said Maker.

Morrissey has most recently been at the centre of a controversy after releasing a new t-shirt that has been called out as being “racist”.

Watch the trailer for England Is Mine’ below

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